Hearing Screening

We can now check your hearing for FREE!

As part of Deafness Research UK’s Bionic Ear Outreach Project, we are visiting companies, schools, colleges, universities and community groups with our hearing screeners to check if your hearing is in good condition.

The test is suitable for anyone over 16 years of age (we can also provide the tests to those under this age with parental permission).

Under health and safety legislation, employers are expected to assess the risks to their employees from noise at work, provide hearing protection if necessary, and make sure that their staff have the information they need about protecting their ears. We can help by visiting your organisation and providing free hearing screening. We have recently visited Laing O’Rourke, Lloyds TSB and BASF amongst many other companies, who have found the screenings to be of benefit to their employees.  

Hearing screening reinforces the importance of looking after the hearing and encourages regular checks for the same reason people have eye tests; to spot any problems while they are small and easily dealt with. The screening takes roughly 15 minutes per person and we can screen up to 6 people at one time with a minimum of 50 over the day.

Each person screened will receive a full breakdown of the results, which will indicate whether there is any sign of hearing loss if they should visit their GP. Deafness Research UK will also provide appropriate information and advice.

Over 8500 people have been screened so far with several hundred companies, schools and universities visited. 

For enquiries please contact us on 020 7296 8072 or e-mail: bionicearshow@deafnessresearch.org.uk


Noise Levels


Noise is measured in decibels (dB). Human hearing roughly covers the range of 0 to 140 dB where 0 dB is the sound of a pin dropping and 140 dB that of a jet engine taking off.

The dB scale is logarithmic like that of say the Richter scale which measures earthquakes.

You should always make sure you protect your ears properly when exposed to loud noise.

Hearing Loss
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